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...they poured forth their hearts as well as imaginative subtleties in phrasing...
The Columbus Dispatch
...they generated the joy of artistic teamwork
The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Musicians both have, give pleasure
Headline, Birmingham, (AL) News
...major artists conveying their enjoyment of every note being played
South Florida Classical Review
The Cleveland Duo & James Umble is to be commended for presenting unusual compositions and instrumentation...that broadens the listener’s scope and brings a fresh awareness of the endless possibilities...of creating ever new musical combinations
The Islander, Sanibel Island, Florida
...well-balanced, smooth performances that caused much pleasure
NY Concert Review

A pleasure...to hear the saxophone so well integrated into the ensemble sound and styling. A rare joy!
Presenter, Manhattan School of Music
This ensemble...is building an audience for and an acceptance of, the saxophone as a voice in classical chamber music. Thank you!
Presenter, Lawrence University (WI)
You are truly a remarkable ensemble that is making its mark in the chamber music world.
Head, Faculty and Guest Artist Series, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful music you provided for...Your selections of music were right on and your musicianship and expressiveness were second to none.

Presenter, Temple Bat Yam, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
What unique talents you all possess, of course, but the ensemble as experienced that night was nothing short of magical.
Presenter, Temple  BethTikvah, Kansas City, KS